Who Doesn’t Wear Biz Caz?

Many people believe that the issue of biz caz is simply too general to be the subject of one Web site.  Writing about wearing biz caz is like writing about breathing.  Everyone does it.

Believe it or not, not everyone wears biz caz.  This may be hard for many to accept.  It certainly was for us for a long time.  Everywhere we went the only people we saw were dressed in biz caz.  All of our coworkers and all the other professionals near our downtown offices were in biz caz.  Same with all the other drinkers we saw at happy hours at our favorite after-work bars like Houlihans, Slappy O’Leary’s and the Bull and Bear.  Even the employees of restaurants and retail stores like Starbucks and Best Buy were biz caz clad.

It’s easy for people to grow up believing that everyone wears biz caz.  Well, not everyone does.  We hate to be the ones to break it to you but that’s what we do, we speak the hard truth about biz caz.

Therefore, we are going to begin profiling people who do not wear biz caz as a way of expanding our readers’ horizons.

First up, Rick Rubin.

 Rick Rubin, an influential music producer who cofounded Def Jam Records, does not wear biz caz.

However, his friend Jay-Z does wear biz caz.  Intersestingly, when Jay-Z wears biz caz no one calls it biz caz.  This is due to the fact that instead of looking like Sean Carter, a mid manager for the past 10 years at Inintech, he is still that Jay-Hova while wearing khaki pants and a striped shirt.  How many of your cubicle-mates can you say that about?



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