George Carlin Never Wore Biz Caz

The second installment of Who Doesn’t Wear Biz Caz? is dedicated to the late-comedian George Carlin who died yesterday.

We can safely say that Mr. Carlin never wore biz caz.

 However, as the picture below makes clear, he did have at least one friend who wore biz caz.


2 responses to “George Carlin Never Wore Biz Caz

  1. George actually started as a clean cut – appeal to the older generation – type of comic, or so I have read. I have read that he felt like a traitor by not targeting an audience of his age range. So he met Lenny Bruce, and became honest about himself. And George Carlin – may God bless his soul, well, I never ever saw him in a suit. His standard show attire became the beatnik black, or just plain casual, like a t-shirt and jeans. At a live Carlin show in Augusta Georgia, in our Bell Auditorium, someone in the crowd tossed a T-shirt onstage, a shirt with the screaming logo & face of Sam Kinison, (back when Kinison was alive and on the cover of Rolling Stone – being heralded as “comedy’s wild thing”) Sam’s mug was on the front of the shirt. George, was of course, not wearing business casual, and certainly would not wear the T-shirt either! He preceeded to mock wipe his bum with the thing! he brought the house down! Everyone laughed. Some of the routine of that night was a little of George’s familiar stuff, but most of it was just George being himself. And no one could sit through a Carlin show without laughing. George touched everyone there with his brilliant, fantastic sense of humor. He was an amazing icon to comedians, a champion of free speech, a hippy, and will be forever missed by those of us who love to laugh.

  2. RIP George… were right about “all” of it.

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