John Mayer Sings the Biz Caz Blues

We here at The Biz Caz Blues have been inundated with emails from confused and sometimes angry readers who visited our site thinking it is a site about music.  These readers assumed that Biz Caz Blues is a musical genre like the “Mississippi Blues.” 

We’d like to take this moment to clarify that this site is not about music.  It is devoted to studying and, hopefully, remedying the epidemic of depression that comes from wearing business casual that is sweeping the country and moving into other parts of the world.  We apologize for any confusion.

However, these emails did make us think that Biz Caz Blues could also be a musical genre.  We beleive that music may possibly be a powerful and effective method of spreading our important message.

This got us thinking about what the Biz Caz Blues, the music, would sound like.  After extensive research, we unanimously selected John Mayer as the official sound of the Biz Caz Blues.  This video of his song, “Your Body is a Wonderland,” captures perfectly the essence of Biz Caz Blues, the affliction.

Though it is about a woman’s sexy body and Mr. Mayer’s attraction to said body, the song makes us tired, fatigued, sexless and generally not very excited about life.  These are all symptoms of the Biz Caz Blues.  The vast majority of male Biz Caz office workers can relate to this song.  They frequently find themselves spotting a beautiful woman on the street while on their way to pick up lunch from Subway and instead of feeling attraction and excitement from the sight of such a beautiful woman, they feel nostalgia for the time when they would have felt such attraction and excitement (circa, right before they began wearing biz caz).  We believe that it is this feeling that Mr. Mayer is trying to convey. 

Mr. Mayer is also an obvious choice as the official sound of Biz Caz Blues because of his current relationship with Jennifer Aniston.  Ms. Aniston, of course, starred in Friends, the first-ever television series produced by the Smart and Casual Officewear Federation (SACOF).  SACOF created Friends as a way to promote its agenda of having a biz caz dress code in every office in every country.  Friends was just one piece of SACOF’s sophisticated propaganda machine

So, Mr. Mayer, sing the blues.  Sing the Biz Caz Blues.



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